Anti-Spam Policy

No Spam Zone.

How Splash360° Defines Spam

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). You should only use Splash360° to send newsletters, updates, and promotions to your own customers, or to people who specifically requested email marketing from you. By sending email only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines. If you send to a list of people who have not given you permission, that's spam.

Our Anti-Spam Policy

Splash360° has a strict no tolerance spam policy. Under our Terms of Use, we will not allow our customers to use our service for the purpose of sending unsolicited email. If it is determined that our service is being used for the purpose of sending spam email, your account will be shut down and no monthly fee refund will be issued. Don't use Splash360° to send anything offensive, to promote anything illegal, harass anyone, or send any campaign that violates the FTC's CAN-SPAM act.

The All Important List

You can only use Splash360° to send emails to lists of people that gave you permission to email them. This means that all recipients sent to must have opted-in to receive communications from the sending organization. If you send emails to a list, and you get an unusual amount of spam complaints, ISPs will begin blocking future emails from your company. They will also request that Splash360° shut down your account. So if you don't have proof that each recipient on your list opted-in for your emails, don't import them into Splash360°. Additionally, do not purchase, rent or use 3rd party lists, even if those people have opted-in. They did not elect to receive correspondence from you.

House Cleaning Time

We'll do all we can on our end, but the old saying, "Garbage in, garbage out" holds true. Here's what you can do to maximize results and minimize bounces:

If you are sending a campaign for the first time to an old list, be certain to remind them of who you are and how their name appeared on your list.

Clean your list before importing. Bad addresses lead to bounce backs, which are tracked by ISPs. Too many ISP reports and we'll be forced to shut down your account.

Take time before importing a list to clean out all generic addresses like, info@yahoo or sales@gmail as these addresses tend to end up being reported as spam by the recipient. Too many spam reports get you blacklisted.

We're Serious About This

Do not import into Splash360° any lists that have been purchased, rented or harvested from a 3rd party. Staff members routinely review the uploading of large lists and randomly review messages sent out for content that may be inappropriate and subject lines that may contain false or misleading information. If the campaign is deemed questionable, we may reject the message from being sent out.

ISP and Blacklist Relations

Splash360° has built relationships with many ISPs and blacklist administrators. If you are an ISP, mail administrator, or blacklist owner and would like to get in touch with us, please email

Reporting Spam Complaints

If you feel that you have received spam email, please forward the email you received, including the header, to